Some days ago I photographed pupils for their yearbook. There were several special moments during this session:

1 – I have photographed this class last year. Parents (of the pupils) have liked my work (and result) and they decided to invite me again.

2 – This year school management was strictly against shooting on lessons 🙁 I do not know why… but last time there was not any claim on my work during lessons.

3 – School management agreed photo session in one specific room ONLY – conference room. This room was not good to show school atmosphere on photo. So I had to photograph portraits only.

4 – I had to bring studio lighting with me to try to make acceptable result.

5 – It was very hard but very interesting to work on this photosession

6 – I have been impressed to see how fast kids getting elder 🙂

Here is some photos. They are rather similar but (I hope) let see stability of the result.

0025 портрет 0005 6B class0001 6B class0002 6B class0003 6B class0004 6B class0006 6B class0007 6B class0008 6B class0009 6B class0010 6B class0011 6B class0012 6B class0013 6B class0014 6B class0015 6B class0016 6B class0017 6B class0018 6B class0019 6B class0020 6B class0021 6B class0022 6B class0023 6B class0024 6B class