Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On this page I try to answer some frequent questions. Definitely I can’t answer all possible questions here so fell you free to contact me and ask your questions.

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General questions


[section title=”What’s the Price?”]

  1. I’m not holding my rates in the secret, but intentionally do not specify the price of my services in the web. I can write the price at the time of writing this response, but after tomorrow the price may be different. I see no reason to set the price on the website, sorry :)))
  2. By changing the price of my services, I can forget to change the information about it on the website and in social networks. I think you agree, what in store to see one price in the price tag, and completely different at the checkout – is not very nice. I don’t like to upset people :)))
  3. Price for my services changes from time to time. There are no many reasons for price changes:
  • The change of USD and EUR exchange rate – the cost of my equipment (camera, lenses, flash, computer, etc) that I use in my workflow depends on exchange rate. Each equipment wears out, sometimes breaks down and periodically require replacement and upgrade. A certain percentage on the upgrade of the working tools is incorporated into the price for my services.
  • Improvement of my professional skills, quality of work, experience – higher quality = higher price. And yes, a certain percentage on improving my photography skills (workshops, seminars, books, etc) is incorporated into the price for my services.
  • I live and work (generally) in an unpredictable country – anything can affect the cost of my services here in Russia.

But I can say DEFINITELY that after make an agreement with me (verbal or written) the price will not be changed for You !


[section title=” Such price… Why?”]


Unfortunately, many people think that the work of the photographer is just to “click click, took the money and gone away.” But the work of the photographer is much more than just pushing a button. I wrote a little bit about pricing in the answer above. More I can say that each hour of photography leads 3-4 hours of sitting at the computer and postproduction. So, 3 hour photo shoot means 10-15 hours of pure work time for a photographer, without breaks, Lunches, transportation, etc. And this is 2 working days of an average person. More of that there is no employer who give to the photographer  the gear for production, pay vacation and health insurance, make contributions to the pension Fund, pay for skills improvement trainings. The photographer is employer of himself :))) He should buy a working gear, etc. Can you imagine a doctor with a private MRI machine or train driver with his own train? :)))

Photographer’s salary is only about 60% (or less) of the price for the client. The remaining 40% is the production expences. And remember – everybody need vacation :)))


[section title=”What’s included? What we well have?”]

It depend on our agreement :)))

My main service is photography, basic photo processing and preparation pictures for printing and placing in the Internet. Under the basic processing I mean the correction of light and color (including transition in black and white, toning, and other general types of corrections). Basic processing in my understanding means the correction of photography in general. Retouching (detailed correction/processing) does not apply to the basic processing. Retouching (skin mainly) can be discussed and paid separately. We are all human, and all of us have strengths and weaknesses in appearance. Someone need retouching, and some do not. Someone need a lot of retouching, and someone just a little bit. There many people who know how to retouch pictures… In couple words, for the base price you get the basic (core) service:

  • Photography with all my ability to do from “as it was” – “as good and better” while shooting.
  • The inspection and filtering (rejection) of the captured images, the selection of “long list” for a relaxed and interesting viewing (showing). Yes, this is also a service :))) Try to review all of your pictures and cut them by 20%… I am Sure, you will spend a lot of time and get tired quickly:)))
  • Basic processing of “long list” photos and preparing them for printing and the Internet.

I do not impose any additional services to my clients. All other types of services (retouching, slideshow, album, prints, etc.) are definitely optional.


[section title=”We were photographed by another photographer. Can you process his pictures?”]

NO!!!    NO!!!    NO!!!

I process (and retouch) only those photos which have been shot by me.


[section title=”What is meant by working (shooting) time? What if we need a photographer for an hour in the morning and two hours in the evening?””]

It’ simple :)))

I arrived at the shooting location (on agreed time), took out my camera and ready to shoot – it’s the start time. Even if you are not ready for shooting or late. Sorry, I’m like a taxi – waiting or shooting for free, if I am early, but you will pay for my waiting (from predefined time) you if you are late:)))

15 minutes before the agreed time of end of shooting, I remind you that my work is coming to the stop. You confirm the stop of my work or extend it (for an additional fee, of course).

I do not split the process of the my work. I work starting from 3 hours shooting duration. I take only one order same day. This is my rule. I don’t want to let down my any clients, being late to their shooting, due to the previous one. If You need a photographer for the morning and evening, I will advise you to hire two different photographers… or one photographer, but for the whole day.



About photo sessions (not wedding)


[section title=”I (we) want the photo shoot, but never did it. What to do?”]

  1. First of all, you need try to imagine a result you need. What do you want to get after the photo shoot. It would seem logical, but often people don’t realize what they want :))) It’s not enough just to want “good and beautiful photos”. As with shopping for groceries is not enough to go just for “fresh and good groceries”, you need at least an approximate list (bread, sausage, cheese, wine, etc) :)))) So, you should know what you need to bring home BEFORE going to store. It’s the same with photo session. Try to specify your wishes and expectations from the photos as much as possible. Start with mandatory things (image, clothing, location, etc) and “must not” things (for example, no cats in a frame, if you don’t like cats) :))) You can search the Internet for image examples that you like and that you want to repeat (partially or fully).
  2. Collect Your thoughts and examples of pictures together and send it to me.
  3. We will discuss it and agree about shooting… or won’t agree, if I understand that I’m not able to meet your expectations.


[section title=”Studio shooting. Who pay for studio rent?”]

You (the client) pay for studio rent :)))


[section title=”Studio shooting. Who search and choose a studio?”]

Of cause you (the client) will shose and approve a studio :))) Because you define the concept of shooting and put the task for me.

Anyone can look for a suitable studio on the required date. You will do it for free, but I for surcharge. I can recommend you a list of potential studios for free.

I would like to add that as colder outside as more busy studios. Do not expect to find a free studio that meets your requirements on required date for 5 minutes. From December to March all studios in Moscow are booked for a month ahead. Also be informed that all studios have a minimum rental time (usually from 3 hours).


[section title=”Studio shooting. Makeup artist is needed or not?”]

It’s your decision – to hire or not a makeup artist.

There are 4 variants possible:

  1. You don’t need a makeup artist (you can do everything by yourself), you will not need retouching.
  2. You need a makeup artist and you will not need retouching.
  3. You don’t ned a makeup artist and you will need retouching.
  4. You need a makeup artist and you will need retouching… it can be :(((

Please note that makeup needs time. If you need a makeup artist in the studio, I advise you to clarify if this Studio has a makeup zone or not. The aim is not to pay studio during makeup time. The algorithm is following – let’s say you rented a studio from 2pm till 5pm. I will come to the beginning (2pm). But you need some time to be prepared. So, you need to come with the makeup artist there earlier to have time for makeup and be ready for shooting…. something like that :)))


[section title=”Family photoset with a little baby. Is there something special?”]

Yes of cause.

It is clear that the babies can get tired and fussy. Babies have own day regimen that must be taken into account while preparing for a photo shoot and choosing the place and time of shooting. But you need to take into account the following:

  1. All babies react differently to strangers, including the photographer.
  2. All babies react differently to new and unusual environment and situation.

If Your baby has not yet started to recognise the environment and people (and react to change), there will no problems with shooting in a studio. If the baby has already begun to differentiate familiar and not familiar environment,there may be some problems with shooting in a studio. It can be stressful for a baby to be in a studio and see a “strange man with a big black thing his hands” :))) And there are studio flashes also…

At least the baby will need some time to adapt and get used to the new environment. Please consider this when planning a family photo shoot with the baby in a  studio. Maybe you will change your mind and decide to arrange a photo shoot in more familiar to your baby environment, for example in a park.


[section title=”How to dress for a photo session?”]

Dress the way you would like to look at photos :)))

If you plan an individual shooting than dress as you want. If you plan a group (two persons and more) shooting, I recommend to chose your wear to correspond each other and looks harmonically on photos. I think you agree that a light summer dress and a sport suit is not great combination :)))

And think about colour! Don’t wear green for photo set in a park. Your aim is to be separated from a background but not to merge with it. You are going not to hunt :)))



Answers for questions related to weddings are being written