About a month ago I photographed a newborn baby girl Alice.

By the way, I photographed her parents ‘ wedding… :))) This is not my first “wedding customers” who “come back” to me for photographing their children… :)))

Alice parents insisted on not publishing her photos earlier than a month after photo session. One month has passed. Here is a publication…:)))

I want to say a few words about the session. I photographed Alice at her parents home. Her parents did not want to bring their newborn miracle to a studio. So I had to photograph this baby at her parents’ home in the tiny room about 8 sq. m. It was really hard. I never use flash light to photograph newborns. I used continuous light sources, which heated up the tiny room very much. The baby was feeling good but everyone else was sooooo hot and stuffy.

Photographing newborn babies is very, very difficult. It may seem simple, but it is a lot of preparation, patience, endurance, stained (by baby’s physiology) backgrounds, props, etc behind every frame.

Here’s some of what we did end up with 3 hour shoot.

0001 newborn Alice 0002 newborn Alice 0003 newborn Alice 0004 newborn Alice 0005 newborn Alice 0006 newborn Alice 0007 newborn Alice 0008 newborn Alice 0009 newborn Alice 0010 newborn Alice