Yesterday I met with potential clients of my wedding photography – charming couple Ann and Alex. The meeting was in the city centre, in the Gorky park. In Summer they should be married and they are looking for a wedding photographer in Moscow. They have one small dilemma – they need photos from the wedding, but they are not used to be photographed and don’t want to pose and “ape” in front of the camera. I asked them to hold the meeting in the form of a small photo shoot and talks about the upcoming wedding so that they could see how I work and how I could photograph them… And then make their decision.

Here’s some photos from our meeting.

0001 Аня+Саша 0002 Аня+Саша 0003 Аня+Саша 0004 Аня+Саша 0005 Аня+Саша 0006 Аня+Саша 0007 Аня+Саша 0008 Аня+Саша 0009 Аня+Саша 0010 Аня+Саша 0011 Аня+Саша 0012 Аня+Саша 0013 Аня+Саша 0014 Аня+Саша 0015 Аня+Саша 0016 Аня+Саша 0017 Аня+Саша 0018 Аня+Саша 0019 Аня+Саша 0020 Аня+Саша